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Why Sugar, Fat, and Salt Stimulate Our Appetite and Promote Over Eating at Times

When we ingest foods that have a palatable taste they tend to make us want to eat more. The reason we want more is that they provide our bodies with the motivation to pursue the feeling we get and are often quite satisfying. This overeating sensation is commonly referred to as a “calorie high”. After each meal, we all know what causes us to want another “present” or to renew our resolve to eat less. But, what is it about these foods that motivate us to overeat? Why are they so motivating?

First, and most obvious, are the foods that we all know and love. Fried foods, chocolate, salty foods, broccoli, tomatoes, and ice cream are all foods that many of us continually crave. They are extremely satisfying and, for the most part, healthy. However, they are foods that are clearly not healthy for us. For example, nearly all of the ice cream contains sugar, which is not good for the small intestine. And, broccoli contains large amounts of refined carbohydrates, which can lead to gastric irritation and possibly even ulcers. Many of the foods we eat are simply not healthy. But they are habitually delicious.

Habit takes over, and the more you eat the more you are likely to eat. learned or not, we all know what happens next. We become addicted to foods that are comforting and even unhealthy. These foods give us the feeling of fullness and comfort, even as we slowly poison our bodies. After a while, you may start to feel like you deserve the treat and need it more and more. And once the habit is formed and you are no longer desiring the treat, you may “desist” from it, but not without guilt and shame. You may continue to overeat to give yourself the sweet treat and feel good. People who defeat their sugar cravings are wiser and often more relaxed.

progressively, your body adjusts to the smaller amount you are eating; after a while, it’ll go into a sleep mode, and will react strongly to the first snack or meal. It will indicate that you’re no longer doing any harm to your body and that you may need a break from the type of eating to “pocket” more food. Imagine coming home in the evening and finding your refrigerator is bare. Maybe, that you’ll get ice cream or two, just to keep you going. After a week or two of doing this, you’ll notice you have a pleasantly stuffed refrigerator and maybe an inviting garden in your living room.

It isn’t easy, I know, to abruptly change to a healthier lifestyle. Many people easily lose the will to make the necessary adjustments. It isn’t easy to suddenly give up sweets or visit the doctor regularly to get regular checkups. It isn’t easy when we have friends and family who do not fully understand the reason for making these changes. Chances are they will pass judgment; it will be difficult to explain, maintain, or explain the changes. If they truly love you, they will understand, they may even be helpful. If they aren’t thinking of you in the right way, they probably won’t.

Only you can explain why you’ve decided to make changes. Only you can decide if you will continue to make changes. Only you can remove the things from your life that are making you less healthy. What I hope, is that you will choose to live healthier and continue to add things in so that you can become completely healthy.

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