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Why Are You Sick and Tired? Use Body Improved Posture

Did you know poor posture can make you sick and tired?

Did you also know that by just changing your sitting, standing, walking, and lying down posture you can transform your suffers from stiffness to full functioning?

The reason many people have stiffness in their upper body and are generally more slumped over with no real toning or straightening of the back is that their sitting, standing, and walking posture has degenerated to a much lower and flatter position many people are not even aware of.

We become stuck in this ‘S’ pattern of poor posture and don’t know how to change it.

We are in this state of “I know I need to straighten up” and “that is what I’m doing wrong”.

The main body quickest and easiest way to improve this sitting, standing, and walking posture is through body improving technologies.

Since sitting, standing, and walking is such an effective way to transport us from point A to point B the body has become ergonomically designed to move in this manner.

However, when the body is freed from this natural position it can actually make you sick and tired.

Our unlearnt body has no way of knowing how to stand or move in the correct way, it makes us stiff and uncomfortable.

The body is becoming shorter and producing thicker mucus and blood this causes blockages in the digestive system and can cause irritation to the stomach and esophagus.

larynx becomes inflamed and feeling tight and dry.

Restless leg syndrome may make you think your bladder is full when it really isn’t.

Our shoulders and upper back become tight and sore and you may develop a rounded appearance.

This heightened tension in the upper body causes us to be in a poor posture which affects the way we walk and can make us more prone to injury.

How to improve your poor posture

First of all take note of how you are sitting, standing, and walking. Are you making any of these movements towards your ears? To correctly position your spine you must eliminate any excessive twisting motions. If you are not chewing your food properly you may not even realize you are hunched or slumping over.

Always try and place your back as straight as you can against the chair when sitting, and straighten your knees should bending them to ninety degrees. For standing you can program up weights to strengthen your muscles whilst you are waiting for your food to digest.

For these exercises to help improve your poor posture you must recognize the benefits of correcting your posture and the dangers to continue in poor posture.

After you correct your posture it’s important to spend time on training those muscles that will take you back to correct posture. The muscles in the upper body and back are very strong and need to be trained to be used correctly to prevent us from getting back to poor sitting, standing, or moving habits.

I hope this article has been of some help to you and you will continue to strengthen your muscles because once you stop exercising your posture is very hard to correct. Body Improved Posture exercises are the only way I recommend anyone actually improves their posture and if you stick with it and continue to use the exercises it is very effective to improve your overall health and you will be surprised to see the fast improvement it can make.

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