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5 Supplies Every Elementary School Student Needs

Are you a parent or guardian of an elementary school student? If you are then you know how difficult it can be to stay prepared with the right supplies. You want to make sure your student has everything they need for success in the classroom.

Read on to discover the top five supplies every elementary school student needs:

Every elementary school student needs certain supplies to ensure a successful learning experience. From notebooks and pencils to art supplies and calculators, these items are staples in the homes of children all across the country.

In an effort to help parents better understand what is needed for their child’s education, we have put together a comprehensive list of essential supplies for every elementary school student. In addition to providing a basic understanding of what’s required, this guide also provides possible alternatives should the need ever arise. As always, parents should keep their children’s unique learning style in mind when considering any suggested supply items.

With that said, let’s move on and go over some of our top back-to-school essentials for elementary schools students:


When it comes to supplies for students, a good backpack is essential for carrying books, papers, supplies and all the treasures your child might bring home from school. Look for a quality backpack with straps that are comfortable and adjustable, as well as features that can help balance the load. Make sure the bag has several compartments in which your child can organize everything they need to succeed at school.

If possible, allow your child to pick out their own backpack so they will be excited about and motivated to use their new bag each day.

Writing Utensils

Writing utensils are essential for young students to develop their academic skills. Pencils should be available in a variety of sizes and materials, including pencil toppers, so that a child who finds it difficult to hold a pen or pencil can still practice proper handwriting. Additionally, pens should be available in both ballpoint and felt tip varieties. The right combination of writing utensils is an invaluable asset for the successful learning experience of students in elementary school.

Organization Supplies

Organization supplies can help elementary school students keep their lives together. Staying organized is an important skill that should be taught and practiced from a young age in order to support good habits in later life. Some activities and supplies that may help an elementary school student stay organized include:

  • A three-ring binder: A good-sized binder with paper clips, a ruler, a pencil case slip pocket, and pockets for storing handouts.
  • Folder dividers: Dividers can help students keep their notes and assignments sorted by subject or date for easy reference.
  • Calendar or organizational notebook: Keeping track of due dates is easier when everything is written down rather than just remembered. These items also offer space for recording ideas and reminders.
  • File folder labels: Labeling folders can help elementary school students stay organized when putting away papers at home or at school.
  • School supply box: Keeping art supplies neatly organized in a shallow box will make them easier to carry around the classroom and take home each day for projects and homework assignments.


Technology is an important part of a modern elementary school student’s education. Today, kids use different types of technology for almost every class, from math and writing to art and science. As such, it’s important for your child to have access to the necessary materials at home. Here are five essential items that every elementary school student should have:

  1. Laptop or Tablet: A laptop or tablet such as an iPad is essential for completing most classwork, taking tests online and even conducting research. Most schools provide laptops or tablets to their students, but some parents prefer their children to use their own device so they can monitor what they’re doing and customize settings as needed.
  2. Printer: Having a printer at home can make your child’s life significantly easier—not only will it save them time spent in the library copying down notes and assignments after school hours, but it can also be used for printing out worksheets and other course materials when necessary. Some higher-end printers even offer wireless capabilities for easy printing on multiple devices from any location in your home.
  3. Headphones: Whether your child is using a laptop or tablet, having quality headphones will ensure that they can concentrate on their studies without being disturbed by external noise or interruptions from siblings or parents nearby. It also enables them to block out distractions when completing tests online and exploring educational websites during breaks in between classes or after-school hours. Most schools provide headphones that feature noise-canceling functions for maximum efficiency while studying at home—or you may prefer purchasing a pair with adjustable sound levels so you can keep an eye on how loud your children are playing video games while they’re on break!
  4. Illustration Tool: A digital drawing tool (such as a stylus + tablet) enables children to bring out the best in their creativity without the mess associated with traditional media like paint and charcoal pencils! This type of tool offers easy access to digital art software along with increased accuracy when drawing shapes and lines – something that just isn’t possible with regular pencils! Plus it gives parents more control over what type of artwork their children are creating (since drawings won’t smear all over the walls!).
  5. Charging Cables & Wall Adapters: Last but not least, you’ll want to make sure your child has wall adapters (and charging cables) handy so they don’t run into battery problems while working on their homework at home! This will not only ensure smooth operation but also allow them the flexibility of plugging in anywhere there’s an electrical outlet nearby – allowing them more freedom & independence when studying!

School Supplies

Every elementary school student needs certain supplies to be successful in their academic pursuits. From the beginning of your child’s educational journey, here are five pieces of equipment that he or she will need for a successful year:

  1. Pencils and Erasers: This classic pair of student supplies must be on hand at all times to help save mistakes and keep your child’s notes legible. Many schools may require mechanical pencils with extra leads, so check with yours before you stock up. Also, it’s a good idea to get erasers that are free from chemicals such as PVC or latex-free ones—these can cause skin irritations in some young children.
  2. Paper: Whether they are regular school papers with lines or notebook paper used to record research or outline stories—paper is crucial for any elementary school student. Quality composition books, which provide both lined pages and unlined ones for drawing and doodling, come especially recommended for younger children writing stories or learning letter forms.
  3. Notecards: These light-weight cards are perfect for memorizing information like foreign language vocabulary words and state capitols; trying index cards is great way to start as they come pre-sized for the purpose of flashcards.
  4. Binder: Depending on the needs at each grade level, a binder can come in handy if projects require more than one piece of paper be organized together instead of stapled or taped together; these three ring binders also come in handy when organizing notes taken across multiple classes or subject areas during the same term period.
  5. Pencil case/Bag: Nothing says “ready to learn” better than having all the studying tools needed right on-hand in a designated area; backpacks may not allow that same convenience, so consider getting your child a soft pencil case suitable for storing their supplies like pens, pencils, erasers and even scissors depending on how big it is! Plus colorful designs can make sure your child has their personal touch with them everywhere they go—whether it’s back home after school hours or even while they’re out-of-town overnight away from home etc.


Clothing is an essential part of going to school – and not just for elementary school students. Having clothes appropriate for school is important so kids can focus on learning instead of worrying about what they are wearing. A certain level of dress code exists in most schools, so it’s important to make sure your child has clothing that meets the requirements.

Basic Clothing: Elementary school students will need a variety of clothing and should often bring a few extra pieces for contingencies. A few pairs of slacks, leggings, skirts or shorts (depending on weather), comfortable t-shirts, sweaters and/or sweatshirts may all be needed at some point during the year. Remember to layer for quick changes in temperature!

Footwear: Durable shoes or boots that can stand up to plenty of running around outside are essential in elementary school – especially when the weather permits outdoor play! If your kid tries to wear flimsy sandals or shoes that don’t offer support, they won’t be able to keep up with their peers, so it’s important (and sometimes challenging) to ease them into more specialized footwear as they grow.

Coat/Jacket: Depending on the climate where you live, you may require heavy coats in winter months or light jackets during other times – don’t forget umbrellas! Rain gear keeps kids safe and healthy during bouts of bad weather. Waterproof materials provide protection from rain without soaking through too quickly and ruining clothes underneath. Consider coat lengths when looking at heavier wear – you want something that covers their behind when seated or bent over!

Hat: Elementary students spend plenty of time outdoors playing games – moms know this much is true – a good hat will protect their eyes from the sun’s rays while also making them look stylish! When shopping for hats make sure your student finds one that fits properly. Don’t forget seasonal changes; lighter hats are better suited for warmer weather while knitted caps make great cool-weather accessories when paired with scarves or mittens.

Accessories: There may be days throughout the year where extra items come home – it’s occasionally helpful to have a stock of easily portable supplies like pencil cases, backpacks and even game bags available just in case! Accessories like these are great ways to express individual personalities while ensuring everything needed is packed away safely each day before heading off into the fresh air after those long hours learning inside classrooms.


Every elementary school student needs the supplies listed above before the start of the school year. It is important to choose items that are durable, safe and age appropriate. Parents, teachers and guardians should be sure to check with the school for any specific requirements or recommendations.

Good organizational habits are a must in order to ensure that assignments are completed on time. Supplies should be kept in containers so they don’t get lost and can easily be packed for field trips or remote learning sessions. Most importantly, children should have access to all the tools they need to become successful learners.

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